Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another use for old jeans And Yaay it's Spring in the Garden!

When the weather warms up we here in the southwest desert flock to our yards, we pull, plant, prune and just generally hurry to do the hard stuff BEFORE the real heat hits.  I planted my veggie garden a little late but I hope its ok. 

This is just a small sample of the back yard, I wish the pool was finished so I could post pics but that's soon to come!

I came across this cool website called and I saw the cutest apron made from old jeans.  I whipped one up and thought I'd share it with you, I even found a gorgeous model to help me..

Here it is finished:::::>

So Cute!  I think she wanted to take it home with her (she may get it for her bday)

Here's a quick tute in case you want to make one...

A pair of old jeans
3 different fabrics cut  into strips ... 2 strips about 6" x 44"
the next fabric color cut into 2 strips about 4" x 22" and the last fabric cut one strip about 4" x 22".

Now you take your jeans and with a heavy duty seam ripper (this makes it so much easier) rip those seams apart.  OH! First measure down from the waistband about 14" or if you might want the apron longer cut it longer!  Now rip those seams all the way up, then rip out the waistband and the crotch seam just up to the zipper.  This sounds like alot but it only took me 45 min., really!

When you get that done lay the jeans flat and pin down that crotch seam and sew it down.  It should lay nice and flat, easy easy...

See how it lays flat...ok take the strips that are 4x22 and press them in half long way wrong sides together, then (just like bias binding) unfold and each side press to the middle just to that center pressed line got it!?

Sorry, forgot to take pic of that but you get the idea right??

Ok now after you pressed both sides to the middle fold back on the original pressed line and press now you have your sides pieces.  Encase the side edges in the strip about 1/2" and topstitch.
Next for the waistband...You will join the two strips together like this....

Can you see the faint dotted pencil line from pin to pin?
Just sew there, trust me it's ok, then trim that whole corner off.
I should've taken more pics but hey it's my first tute don't judge...hehe

Now my friends you have one looong strip which you will do the same as the side strips, right now, did it ?
OK center the strip to the center of the waistband and sew just like the sides...Got it?

Ok the last thing is the bottom band :  just sew it right sides together over the bottom edge and leave sides hanging out on each side cuz you're gonna cut the extra off leaving about 2" past edges..

Fold in side edges of strip then the bottom hem is also folded up and stitched

Almost done!  Isn't this going quick??  OK kids now after you have sewn that down (did I mention about 1/2" seam) press it down and trim off excess to about 2" beyond the edges of side binding. Next fold in about 1" twice so its nice and even with the sides and stitch that up right quick.  Now for the bottom hem fold up 1" twice and topstitch that.  You're DONE. 

Topstitching bottom strip

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  1. well that is the most gorgeous model I have ever seen!!! ;) LOVE the apron!!! I really need to get my garden started, but I have a black thumb. My bell peppers are still alive tho!

  2. Cute apron!! Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!

  3. Very nice apron mother! I don't remember to wear aprons as often as I should but I still love them and want them!