Thursday, February 10, 2011

Looking for inspiration & ideas for a problem room...

I came across these pics in House Beautiful which they were making over a long narrow room kinda like what I have and its always bugged me how and where to put furniture.  I've asked others more experienced than I and it seems to be quite a brain teaser.

This is not too much unlike the size of my room

And here's what they did.  Check out that rug wow not for me...all the fabrics cozy it up, lots of seating too.  They say to notice your furniture placement after a party when people have moved chairs around and that's how the room wants to be.  Well I wish my room would speak to me and quick.  I want to stage it better cuz we are looking to move and just want it more appealing since its a small house gotta make the most of it!!  

And {I hesitate} here is one half of the room in question:
                  You can see the sofa is at an angle and that big and heavy armoire is a pain. Behind the plant is a piano no less.  Can you see my problem??? And we need access out that door.  Hmmm...well here's the other end of the room.............

     That poor lonely white table is waiting for just the right chairs to go with it for seating in front of the fireplace....Off to the right is the kitchen.  All the furniture I am redoing or finding now is for a different style and look completely so I'm in transition.
 Here are some pics of a cool looking kitchen and neat gadgets all from House Beautiful:   

Really nice huh?  Let's see what I can come up with!

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