Friday, January 14, 2011

Finish that furniture already!

I really like this little coffee table...and I want it white with distressing of course...

BUT I keep changing the finish

it didn't look just right so I sanded it
down again and went to all the lovely
blogs out there to help give me a better idea..........

so many ideas, so little time.  Everyone has a different
way or method.  I've refinished some pieces of furniture
along the way and was always successful for the most part.

I discovered there are tons

of people out there refinishing

their furniture in all different ways

some sand, some don't, some prime,

some use Duct Tape to lift off paint

for that distressed look!  Ok well I'll just do what works

cuz obviously it's not a total science.   Here's that table:  7 bucks at GW
I'm using Behr Swiss Coffee but I mixed in a darker beige to tone down
the white a bit.  After sanding smooth I painted, no primer here, then painted
2 coats and sanded and distressed edges...Yikes! The orbital left round
sanding marks, crap, I dragged the sander too much, so I just sanded the
whole thing down again and repainted and here it is before the glazing......
and now here it is with the glazing...

I believe I like it!!!!  Whatcha think?  My house is
Spanish Colonial inside and out but I love the white
and I DO want to change things up a styles
are always changing HENCE the name

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