Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why Rustic?

There's something so earthy and raw about worn out weathered wood & rust speckled metal why do so many of us crave this look?  Pair that look with vintage dishes, soft linens, aged photos actually anything old and carefully staged and we're in heaven.  What is it that attracts so many of us?  If we don't find it old we take great pains to make it old, scratch it up, distress, antique, or generally just junk it up.  Of course, its a personal thing, many don't like that look but those who do REALLY do! Is it an ERA we are trying to preserve or bring back? Is it a feeling of going back to times when things were simpler?
small alarm clock all metal circa 1930's

I also have this pile of embroidered pillowcases my mom made back in the 40's when she was a teenager. They are that flour sack fabric but no flour sack stamping on them (dang) but I still don't know what to do with them all.  The pillowcases are awesome as seen here with the kitchen towels.

And here is a pic of my grandma's pitcher and bowl, so delicate I keep on a higher shelf in the bathroom, and a replica of the pitcher I found at GW a few years ago.  You gotta really look and be sure you aren't buying a replica when you wanted an original, just sayin'...
Ok guys, this is the best!  I hoped someday I would have this antique secretary desk my grandma had and now I have it.  She said she found it in 2 pieces on her soon to be mother in laws back porch.  When she asked about it her mil said "that old thing? You can have it" so grandma took it home and cleaned it up and had it til her passing in 1997.   It's still full of some old stuff which is where I found the clock.

moms baby dress made by her mom and grandma, and a pic of my grandma (in middle), my great grandma on right and I think my grandpa or one of her brothers.
Love this silver pitcher-  and the silver fork and spoon are about 80 years old....                                         
I love the rustic elements mixed with traditional styles, I think it's just a way to keep those memories alive.


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  1. Hi, Lynda. So glad I found you. Following you now. Thanks for stopping by today. I could not respond to your comment via email because your blogger profile does not have an email set up. You may want to change. You'll have many followers if you keep visiting blogs, leaving comments and maybe join in some linky parties. Love these pics and items passed down in your family. Perhaps you can frame some of the embroidered sacks? Take care! Nice to meet you.